One platform. Countless possibilities.

All-in-one Digital Guest Experience for your hotel

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Make Contactless The New Luxury

Zelotel digitally connects your guests with the desired services and facilities which you provide at your hotel via QR code, simply by scanning with a mobile phone.


Guests can pre-schedule services at the comfort of their room. No need to download any apps. The placed order or scheduled booking goes directly to the hotel restaurant, wellness facility, or other services.

Zelotel’s main focus is the international hospitality industry.

Secure Payment
Secure Payment
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Set your personalized guest features
Set your personalized guest features
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do guests need to download an app?

There are no apps to download! 


Whilst our intuitive guest user interface is reminiscent of a downloaded app, Zelotel Anywhere is actually a progressive web application – accessed via a regular URL.

How do guest access Zelotel Anywhere?

Guest can access Zelotel Anywhere via scanning a QR code, typing in the web address directly or by following a link, linked via any number of sources.


When we implement Zelotel Anywhere into your property, we work on guest hooks with you. A complete custom strategy to ensure guests are aware of and make the most out of the platform.

Is Zelotel Anywhere branded to my hotel?

Yes. Not only is Zelotel Anywhere branded to your property, we can also deliver a wide range of user experience customisations to ensure your guests feel this is a digital extension of your property and brand.


We care about building your brand, not ours.

Is Zelotel Anywhere multilingual?

Guests come from around the world and speak a multitude of languages – So does Zelotel Anywhere!


We have over 30 language translations available, all of which can be offered similtaneously through the application.

What devices does Zelotel Anywhere work on?

Zelotel Anywhere is device and operating system agnostic.


Simply this means, no matter the device or web-browser software, it will work perfectly.

Customize Our Product Suite

We have the ability to customise our product suite to meet the needs of your brand and customer specifics. This allows for a bespoke experience that compliments the existing brand experience.